Use of Infocommunication and Communication Technology

In SST, a range of technology platforms and applications are deployed to uncover core academic principles, and provide extended socio-affective and leadership experiences that allow for new ways of learning, teaching and social interaction.

The use of simulation tools, dynamic geometrical software and applets create a classroom that encourages intellectual curiosity, and critical thinking. On-line platforms and tools support an interactive classroom where students learn to exchange ideas to build collective wisdom whilst managing issues from multiple perspectives. Students also leverage on a range of media applications to communicate their thoughts and reflections, and demonstrate their understanding in numerous ways beyond the conventional.

In a nutshell, these are the broad categories of platforms and applications we use in SST.

As such, the choice of technological platform and applications is largely based on the objectives and nature of the learning programme.

Leveraging on its project features as well as network, which supports collaboration within and beyond the school community, “ThinkQuest Project” is therefore deployed to facilitate learning activities that are project-driven.

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